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At Metal Edging Guys, we strive to offer the most affordable cost when it comes to your metal lawn edge. We believe that your compound speaks a lot about your home and that is the reason everybody should afford metal garden edging. Talk to our metal edging experts on 800-709-8930 for beautiful and durable metal garden edge. We have different packages that our clients can chose from; we also offer flexible paying options. Our metal edging experts can work with your budget and advice accordingly.


Durable products

All our products are manufactured from the galvanized mild steel and we also powder coat our metal lawn edging products to ensure that they are maintenance free. We offer warranty for all our products. All our products are eco-friendly and they are beautiful designed. Our showroom has all the products that are necessary for making your metal landscape edging. Our metal edging experts will guide you in the whole process as you choose the kind of metal edging that suits your taste and preferences.



At Metal Edging Guys, we are versatile and our metal edging experts can work in any kind of ground and environment. Our metal edging craftsmen can also be used to edge different kinds of materials and that does include the rolled tarmac. If you need to turn your landscaping to be beautiful and durable then do not hesitate to talk to our metal edging professional on 800-709-8930.

For these and any other such services, please contact Metal Edging Guys on 800-709-8930.

Metal Edging

Atlas metal landscape edging

At Metal Edging Guys, we have created unique edging for your artificial grass. The atlas metal landscape edging does not involve the clunky wooden edges and it is made with galvanized steel and it is coated with brown powder to match your grounds. The atlas metal edging will last for long time.The atlas metals are equipped with 20mm wide shelf that has a depth of 10mm from the top thus allowing gluing of your glass carpet. Our clients who have artificial grass love to put atlas metal for its beauty and durability. Talk to our metal edging experts on 800-709-8930, and they will ensure your artificial grass is well designed and fitted to maintain its beauty. We deal with both commercial and residential metal landscape edging.


At Metal Edging Guys, we have planter for those clients who would love to plant flowers around there compounds. Our planters are made of galvanized steel that can be painted or unpainted. The planter is also made of cor-ten steel and natural weathering steel that can resist all kind of weather. The planter can either be big or small according to our clients taste and preferences. Our metal edging team can also make your planter to suit your house taste according to the shape, design and sizes that you choose and love. Our metal edging experts can make the planter within ten minutes. We make stainless steel planters that are suitable for residential and commercial buildings are we are reachable on 800-709-8930.

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